About me

As women, we have many roles and along the way wear many caps of responsibilities. From a daughter to friend, wife, mother and more.

Somewhere along that journey we tend to, unconsciously, forget one of the most important one, which is the identity of ourself, an individual person who has her own needs, wants, passion and ambitions.

Welcome to my blog, my world:


Hi, my name is Ankita and I believe in living life’s utmost! With my blog I want to inspire young women to pursue their passion in each stage of life!

2016, the year in which I got introduced to the world of blogging and bloggers. Started with my blog: Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog and as soon as I become a mother in 2018, it was all about Motherhood.

Now, I am a regular mother who is heads-over-heels in love with her little girl, Bani. I have no experience in being a mother, no pedagogical background or any study to do with children. Just overly obsessed with this blessed title, M O T H E R!

Even-though, I enjoy each and every bit of being a mother, there is much more to life. My passion for fashion made me re-think and eventually, it hit me that I should pursue my dream.

My dream of pursuing my passion for F A S H I O N in the form of blogging!

I have combined style and motherhood to bring to you the best of two worlds in a beautiful blend!

Enjoy this blend and the blog!

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