The best gift for a pregnant woman!

When pondering about what to gift a pregnant woman, baby outfits and toys are likely to be the first things to come to mind. After all, they are easy to buy, a need for any mother-to-be and, not unimportantly, super cute and irresistible!

Having said that, that is not what this post is about. Rather, we will have a look at some rather unconventional gifting ideas: some thoughtful and fun options which, although you may not realize so in the first instance, a pregnant woman is almost certain to appreciate a lot.

Relaxation for two

The pregnant woman and her partner are constantly busy with all kinds of preparations to get themselves and their home as baby-ready as possible. To relieve them of this physical and mental strain, a day or weekend get-away is an ideal gift. The soon-to-be parents can relax and let go of the stress a pregnancy can bring.

Handy stuff

This is a little tricky, as there are soooo many things that are a must-have. I personally think that handy stuff are those that don’t come to your mind instantly yet are important to have.


For example, at my baby shower I received a basket full of handy baby items, yet one thing in particular amazed me: throw-away bags for diapers. These are plastic bags, look like regular bin bags, but they carry a nice scent which makes sure that the dirty diaper won’t smell once it has been wrapped in the bag. It’s super useful to have when visiting someone, as you don’t want to be throwing a stinking diaper in their bin!

Then, there is cash. That’s super duper boring to give, I know, but it’s great for the parents as they are spending a lot on their little one and they know best what they are still missing and need to buy.

Also, natural baby products, such as lotions, rash creams, bath oils and so forth are always good to gift. However, I feel that mothers are quite sensitive when it comes to products for their baby’s skin. Maybe, it’s better to ask specifically what they would like. Often they will already have an idea, or you can do the research and give them the best options.

Quality time

There is nothing nicer than spending some quality time with the mother-to-be. She will really appreciate it. Especially during her maternity leave, when she’s mostly at home.

Going for lunch, or simply a walk – it can help her relax and enjoy at the same time.

Pregnancy massage

A pregnant woman can never be pampered too much, so a pregnancy massage is something she will be super thankful for. However, you can also gift a post-pregnancy massage, offering some physical and mental relief after a very intense period.

Photo shoot

Who wouldn’t like to have some great pictures clicked in all the pregnancy glow! Remember to confirm that they haven’t had or booked a shoot already 🙂

Help with preparations

There are many preparations where the mother-to-be can likely use some help, such as going baby shopping with her, or helping her organise the nursery, or maybe helping her choose and do research on all the products that she is likely to be overloaded with.

Any manner of assistance is highly appreciated and is a very tough gift to beat!

What is the best gift you received for yourself or your baby?

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