My mindset on giving birth

The quote above couldn’t be more precise to express my mindset on giving birth, or delivery. It’s so important to understand that your mind controls a large part of the way you feel, think and experience things.

Why do you think thousands, if not millions, of books and articles are written on how to stay positive, the benefits of positivity and the power of a positive mind?

I strongly believe that if you can have a certain control over your mind, you can overcome all fears, such as the fear of delivery.

Many women are afraid of giving birth and that’s understandable, because it’s neither quick nor painless. However, the problem starts when this fear takes control over your ”positive” emotions:

  1. You stop thinking rationally about the process;
  2. Your fear is the strongest emotion;
  3. You feel helpless and lost;
  4. You are influenced strongly by negative stories and experiences others have had.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Sometimes the best thing to do is to ACCEPT.

I accepted the fact that delivery will be painful. I kept telling this to myself. However, I also told myself that it would be worth every second of pain the moment I would get to hold and see our baby.

You have to put something on the other side. So, if the pain is the negative aspect, the arrival of you baby is the positive side. Undoubtedly, the positive side weighs much heavier and that’s the source of your strength!

Also, the way in which you communicate to yourself is very essential here. Don’t be sad or scared when telling yourself that it’s going to hurt; rather, be strong. Look at yourself in the mirror and say it with an attitude, as if you don’t care about the pain, even though you are aware of it.

Therefore, AWARENESS is super important too, as it makes you open-minded!

As said before, the influence of other people, their stories and experiences can have a huge impact on your mind and feelings. However, if you have mastered the acceptance and awareness stages you will be less influenced by others.

Now, your RATIONAL THINKING comes in handy!

Each and every body is different: the inside, the outside, each lifestyle is different, and each women has her own capacity and her own pain limit.

For example, waxing my underarms doesn’t hurt me at all, whereas my cousin will scream all out due to the pain and all I can do is laugh! 😊

This also goes for other things, including giving birth. Your body is different to mine and that’s why our experiences will be completely different, too.

Then, FOCUS on the good and positive. There are always a million reasons to think bad and negative about a situation. It may even be the easiest way. But… that will only serve to bring you to square one: back to the beginning, where all the fear is.

That’s why it is so important to try to focus on the good and the positive, and to always remember why you are doing it. My focus is: I have my baby in my belly for nine magical months; however, I can’t wait to hold her, cuddle her and play with her. I can’t wait to hear her make noises, feel her tiny hands, dress her up and on all the other amazing moments!

I could go on and on, and that’s what makes me stronger, more positive and keeps me focused on the good.

Last, but definitely not least, BELIEVE in yourself. There are millions of women that give birth and you can do it too. Mother nature has taken care of you baby inside of your belly for nine long months, so have faith that it will also help you get your little one out.

The guiding light is that you know the goal is a worthwhile one – after all, you may well have thought and dreamt about it for years. At the moment supreme, just do whatever you can do – mother nature is powerful and will help you through!

Good luck!

What is your mindset on giving birth?

Do you have fears? If so, how do you deal with it?

If you have questions, suggestions and/or something to share, mail me at:


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