Baby Prep Series: Baby Care

The Baby Prep Series are about products that you, as parent, ”need” for you little one. I call it Baby Prep, because I personally like to have everything in house before the baby arrives.

This series is divided into four posts in the following order:

  1. Baby Care;
  2. Baby Sleep;
  3. Baby Travel;
  4. and Baby Feed.

I will be mentioning basic things that you need; of course, you as a mother know best what you need for your baby, but that will definitely complement the lists I will be sharing in this series!

Let’s get started with BABY CARE.

Baby care covers those things that are associated with care. From basics such as pampers to vitamins and cloths. Every item stated below is a must have, I feel.

Baby Wipes
Rash Cream – there is a possibility that rashes will appear. I fortunately haven’t used the creme yet, but feel it is always good to have it on hand
Nail File – very important to avoid scratches on your baby’s face
Thermometer – essential for both mother and baby, especially during the first week when babies are unable to regulate their own temperature very well and for mothers to get to know if there may be a fever coming up
Massage Oil – the oil works as a body hydrating lotion/cream and, of course, offers a welcome means with which to massage the baby
Body Soap – to remove excess oil while bathing the baby. In many cases it can also be applied to the baby’s hair, making a separate shampoo redundant
Changing Mat – will help you keep the baby in place and you can use a swaddle instead of a changing mat cover
Bad Tub and Stand
Vitamins D and K
Swaddles/Muslins – a handy, multi-functional item: to dry the baby, to use it on the changing mat, to use it as burping cloth, and much more!
Alcohol – to keep everything clean and to disinfect items making physical contact with the baby (such as thermometer)
Salted water in combination with baby earbuds – if the baby’s nose is blocked there is nothing safer and easier than salted water drops, which will make the dirt soft and bring it to the front. With the earbud, then, you can easily take the dirt out without hurting your lil’ one.

In addition, I bought towels, changing mat covers, bubbles for during bath time and many more of such items. However, I don’t really use any of these.

I wrap my little girl in a towel when bringing her from the bathroom to the changing mat, just for the sake of using the towel. I don’t dry her with it, as I feel it doesn’t work as good as a swaddle/muslin cloth.

The bubbles are a pain, because the baby gets it all over and it’s hard to wash it all away. Instead, just baby soap works best. It will be more fun to have bubbles when your baby can really play with water, but the first few months I feel it’s unnecessary.

I could go on and on about various products. However, again, just see what works best for you. I bought a lot of stuff although, because Bani is my first baby, some of these purchases could be attributed to the excitement and uncontrollable urge to just want to have it all! But, as I say, it certainly is not all necessary.

What are the top 3-5 things you can’t live without once you have a baby?

If you have questions, suggestions and/or something to share, mail me at:


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