INTERVIEW on New Born Photography with Lotz Kinderfotografie!

Lotte, a professional photographer who is passionate about children’s photography. I got the opportunity to interview her and she is also sharing some amazing tips regarding New Born Photography!

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I am Lotte de Letter, 25 years old and mother of my daughter Fay (almost 2 years). About 2 years ago I started my company called Lotz Kinderfotografie, specialising in children’s photography.Vertel eens over jezelf

What made you choose this career path?

I started just after the birth of my daughter, however I had the idea much earlier. During my pregnancy, me and my mother looked at many pictures of her pregnancy and some of my baby pictures. These photos were so valuable to me and I could imagine how ut would have been back then. That is when I spoke to my boyfriend to have a photo album made of each special period. This could be, for example, a photo album of the birth of my daughter and the first weeks thereafter, but also of a holiday or for example special occasions such as Christmas.

Why did you specialise in children’s photography?

I have always loved children. They have a pure soul and it’s never boring to work with them. It excites me as I never know what kind of child I will be clicking for: one can be shy, the other excited or sleepy. No shoot is the same and that makes my work more fun.

Dealing with someone’s child can be sensitive, how do you deal with that?

I have followed several courses to find out how to photographer with babies and children. I always listen to the wishes of the parents, but do not do anything that is not safe for the child.

What do you like the most about your job?

The best thing about my job is that parents trust me when I capture some of the most intimate and emotional experiences, such as delivery and newborn shoot.

Recently, I photographed a birth for the first time! This was so beautiful and special. A wonderful experience that will always stay with me.

What do you find the most difficult?

Privacy. It’s understandable for me, yet in order to get more customers I have to show them my work, but if my customers don’t allow me to share the pictures of their child, which are taken by me, it becomes hard.

Fortunately, most parents understand and almost all my customers give me permission to publish. In some cases I don’t mentions the name of the child, which helps to solve the privacy issue.

3 tips for parents to take beautiful pictures of their child(ren).

1. Take pictures where there is enough day-lighy. This will give you the best pictures. Think of big windows.

2. Pay attention to your child, he/she should feel comfortable instead of being restless. Think of warmth and a soft surface.

3. A good camera. For obvious reasons, pictures takes with a professional camera will always be better in quality compared to pictures taken with your (smart)phone.

How do you maintain the uniqueness of each shoot?

Each month I buy something new. Such as a blanket, a cap, hairband and more. But also, new stuff for my camera. Photography is an expensive hobby, and you have to keep investing in products to keep your results high!

Talking of poses, that’s another thing as each baby is different. It depends on what the baby, what he/she prefers. If the baby doesn’t feel comfortable in a certain pose, I of course don’t force him/her.

How do you handle children who are not cooperative?

Patience, patience and more patience!

I always plan 1 newborn shoot per day. If a newborn has difficulties to fall asleep, I have plenty of time in hand to make him/her sleep for the shoot.

Also, with pregnancy shoots, baby and kids’ shoot or cake smash, I plan plenty of time, as the child might find it a little too exciting and needs some time to loosen up. I take my time for each and every customer.

How can parents help you during the shoot?

Parents can enjoy the shoot of their beautiful son or daughter in the sweetest poses. If I need help, I will always ask the parents. This can for example be to help calm the baby with the pacifier or adjust the blanket.

What the best time for a new born shoot?

Between the 8th and 17th day after birth. The mother is then little recovered from the delivery, breast or formula feeding is getting better, baby’s belly button clip is off and the parents are more comfortable and confident with their baby.

Also, the baby sleeps a lot in this period, which makes it easy to put him/her in different poses.

How do you prepare for a shoot?

If I have a newborn shoot planned at the house of the customer, I pack my stuff the night before the shoot. As I don’t want to forget something and to make sure the pictures are timeless.

I take pictures on a nice off-white blanket. Also, some pictures with various props, such as bowls, baskets or beds. I sometimes, also, take pictures with parents and older brother(s)/ sister(s).


How can the parents prepare for a newborn shoot?


I ask the parents to turn up the heat, because that’s most important for the little one. Moreover, I carry a extra electric heater with me, in case needed.


Are you looking for a great photographer who can capture your child(ren)’s pictures perfectly?

Instagram: Lotzkinderfotografie

Did you do a newborn shoot for your baby? Yes? What was your experience?



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