Pregnancy isn’t always sunshine

By the time your social circle learns about your pregnancy and you receive sweet messages from near and dear ones, chances are you are in the final weeks of your first trimester. In other words, you might be still processing your pregnancy mentally, but certainly also emotionally.

Surely it does not help that in the first trimester you are still suffering from morning sickness, cramps, headaches, and more of such early symptoms. As such, happily accepting your pregnancy is certainly easier said than done, and that’s okay!


In this post we will be looking at the ”not so nice” side of pregnancy: the difficult parts and things to learn, understand and perhaps simply accept.


Complete rubbish!

People will congratulate you, they will be happy for you and they will expect you to be happy too: ”Enjoy you pregnancy” or ”wow, that’s a beautiful journey” and more comments like these will be thrown at you.

It might be a little confusing for you, as your body is undergoing huge changes, which will give you mood swings, make you feel down or even fed-up. It’s absolutely okay to feel those things.

Moreover, the various symptoms during the different stages of your pregnancy can make it all the harder for you.

Pregnancy isn’t always sunshine. It isn’t always as it seems. Pregnancy can be tough, and not all days are the same.

It definitely is not a taboo to not always be happy during you pregnancy, to find it hard and at times uneasy. Again, it’s all completely okay 🙂

Noise Around You

Your social circle – family and friends – will start sharing their views, experiences and all kinds of stories. All of this is intended to help you and guide you through a tricky process. Despite these intentions, however, this unsolicited advice can at times serve to make things harder. Not taking up and acting on advice, or just the impression that you may not be taking them seriously, can be quite offending to the persons giving you that piece of advice.

It’s out of concern and they all want the best for you, yet sometimes it’s forgotten that each and every body is different, each pregnancy is different and, also, each lifestyle and mindset of the mother to-be is different.

My mother was always super concerned, especially in the beginning. “Don’t to that, don’t to this, eat this, not that,” and on and on it went. I definitely did understand where she was coming from, but at times it was so irritating and hard to handle.

You don’t want to hurt her, or any other person who is just trying to help you. On the other hand, you feel what is good for you, your body and your baby!

I want to share a few ways to deal with the noise around you in a positive manner:

Show results

Don’t say it, but show them. I remember I used to enjoy prenatal yoga very much, and my mother wasn’t sure about it. However, I shared my experience: what I did, that I slept so well after yoga, and that it made me completely zen. It was all true, and it made her realise that it was good for me and so she did not say anything about it.

Limit it

Sometimes, the best approach is to accept. Understand another’s point of view, try to explain and just give them what they need.

I used to cycle to work sometimes, which I felt was refreshing and a good exercise for my body while posing no harm. However, my parents were always veeeeeery concerned and every time they got to know that I cycled, they would get upset.

Thus, I just decided to walk more often and do other exercises.E


All the noise around you is a form of love and care. Everyone wants to help you, share their story so you can avoid the mistakes they made, and they just want the best for you.

I feel, you should also enjoy it. Have two-sided conversations and keep the good and positive from it for yourself.

At a certain point, you and your surrounding will get used to you being pregnant and things will get better. Moreover, you will feel much better from the second trimester onwards as your confidence and comfort with your pregnancy grows. This will inevitably help you to deal with everyone and everything.

Enjoy the sun when it’s shining, and a little rain is perfectly okay. After all, it reminds us to appreciate the sunshine even more!

How did you relax yourself from all the noise?

If you have questions, suggestions and/or something to share, mail me at:


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