The First 8 Days of Motherhood!

The little bundle of joy you have been waiting for has finally arrived, but what next?

It’s a scary yet exciting feeling. Motherhood brings a lot to you: emotionally, physically and, also, mentally.

I am sharing with you the three key feelings which are likely to define your first eight days, if not longer:

  1. Excitement;
  2. Exhaustion;
  3. Lack of confidence.

The first eight days are a crazy rollercoaster ride that will make you feel all kinds of emotions. Each hour will be different; there will be a lot to learn and process. Let’s start with EXCITEMENT !

Excitement levels are above 100, for obvious reasons 🙂 You have been waiting for nine looooong months and now finally the little one is lying in your arms. You can look at your baby for hours, even though he or she is sleeping. It’s crazy, yet beautiful – a moment of pride!

Everything is new, and you want to experience all the things. You don’t want to miss a moment, at any cost! This feeling is just so beautiful and unique.

Crazily enough, you get so much power and strength from you baby that everything becomes manageable and fun.

However, it will be very EXHAUSTING too, which is the second key feeling.

Here, in the Netherlands, we are privileged with a maternity nurse for the first eight days at our home! Although, the nurse really provides a lot of support, she can make it exhausting too due to all the information she gives.

The exhaustion can push down on you as everything comes at once:

  • The baby;
  • Your tired and recovering body;
  • All the changes in your routine;
  • All the information.

Try to find a balance and try to delegate work. You just can’t do everything yourself, and you really have to give yourself time. Take your rest, which is super important especially in the first few weeks.

I found it very difficult to rest, to take a nap during the day. I didn’t want to miss anything, but my husband reminded me constantly to take a nap and I can’t thank him enough, because it really made me recover faster!

Keep things simple at the beginning. It might not go as you planned, and that is okay. Once you feel better, you can do things your way.

Lastly, the third element, LACK OF CONFIDENCE, is something you as a new mother have to work on. To be able to build confidence in this new chapter of life I would suggest you work on two things:

  1. Give yourself time. It’s something new and you have to learn it. Be patient and do not worry if things do not immediately go perfectly.
  2. Trust yourself. Your motherly instinct knows best! It will surprise you and help you to do and understand much more when it comes to your baby than you might have thought. Really listen to yourself, even though there will be many people suggesting all kinds of different things.

I was very worried about how I would know what my baby wants when she is crying…

It’s a check-list that you go through. Dirty diaper? No, I just changed it. Crying after feeding? Can’t be that she is hungry, so maybe a burp is stuck. Diaper done, feeding done, burp done. Still crying… What to do? Let’s try to rock her in my arms. Bingo! And she falls asleep.

Slowly and steadily, you will get better and faster at understanding the needs of your baby and you will gain more confidence in your mommy skills!

All in all, I would suggest all new and to-be mothers to have patience and self-belief – give yourself time and don’t forget to enjoy 🙂

I hope this will help you to relax and make the most of the first eight days of motherhood!

What was the toughest for you in the first week with your baby?

If you have questions, suggestions and/or something to share, mail me at:


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