Pregnancy starts with a wish

Having a little one around often starts with just a passing thought. For some, it may even be a desire that they want to have a child at some point in the distant future. When the initially sporadic thoughts occur more frequently, one may well decide to talk about it with one’s partner. Nothing concrete yet, of course. However, once things feel settled and in place, the thoughts or desire may well evolve into a wish.

I believe that one can never be 100% sure of the “right” time for a baby. After all, there is an endless line of applicable excuses: “let’s wait until I get promoted,” or “let’s wait until we have a bigger house,” or just wait until “this” or “that.” In fact, accepting that you will never be 100% ready for a child is actually when your pregnancy starts.

The willingness is essential, as it is what makes you ready for parenthood and its responsibilities.

In my case, I remember that I wanted to wait for another year or so. But then I realized that that thought doesn’t make sense. “Why wait?” I asked myself. After all, I felt I could do whatever I want even after giving birth, and I had always thought of becoming a relatively young mother.

This thought was confirmed when we first attempted to conceive. Of course, it failed. And I was sooooo sad! In light of my initial apprehension then, my disappointment told me that now was indeed the “right” time for me. Even my husband was amazed, as I had been the one telling him to wait. Now, I was the one who was very eager for a baby!

I was fortunate that we did not have to wait much longer as the following month I was pregnant, and our journey started.


Remember that you will never be 100% sure, it will always be a little scary, but trust yourself, your body and the love that your partner has for you. Everything falls in place, your pregnancy is a lifestyle on its own.

Welcome to Dreams & Diapers! From a regular mother’s point of view, I want to share my experience, mindset regarding pregnancy, parenting, and all that surrounds a baby.

Note: Everything I write is from my personal experience. Each and every body is different, so please listen to your body – it knows best!

Do you have a pregnancy wish?

If not? What keeps you from it?

If you have questions, suggestions and/or something to share, mail me at:


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