7 grateful moments of pregnancy!

Even though a pregnancy isn’t always as envisaged or idealised, it definitely has some magical moments. Those moments are so precious and heart-touching, that they can create a super positive vibe.

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In this post I am listing a few of my favorite moments during my pregnancy, and I am sure you will enjoy, or already have enjoyed, these too.

  • The Ultra Sound Check-Ups

It is the most amaaaaazing thing. From the tiny heart beating in the early stages to real movements and seeing a human inside of you grow. It truly is magic and shows that the power of mother nature really is incredible!

I remember my first ultra-sound quite vividly. All I could see was a little spot, which was the heart, and it was flickering. It was super special, and it made me realize that there was actually something growing inside of me!

It is a few weeks and months later that you really start to see a human growing inside of you: the little hands, feet and cute details that will amaze you over and over again.

  • Visible Tummy

Slowly and steadily, you will start noticing a small tummy. At first only you will see it when you stand in front of a mirror. With clothes on, it’s still hard to guess. However, this might differ from woman to woman, and it depends on the build of your body.

  • Kicks and More Movements

Once you start feeling your baby’s kicks and movements in general, it is just an out-of-the-world feeling! It’s sooooo super special. A feeling that’s indescribable!

I remember, I had my first kick in the 20th week of pregnancy. I was lying in bed, about to sleep. Eyes already closed, and ouch… My eyes wide open… ”oh my god, was that what I am thinking it was?” Before I was fully convinced… ouch! Once again!

It doesn’t hurt, but it’s just a weird feeling in the beginning as you don’t know what you could expect to feel. However, after a while you get used to the feeling and it’s the best 🙂

  • Baby Preparations!

I looooove buying baby stuff. Tiny clothes, stuffed toys, shoes, baby room, all kinds of products, pampers, and more… more… more… never-ending more.

At one point, I had just lost track of my online orders and really had to have a more structured and planned approach, haha!

READ BABY PREP SERIES to know exactly what you need.

However, I really enjoyed being in the bubble of buying whatever I wanted for my little one. I think it’s okay, especially when it’s you first baby, to just want it all!

I feel one should enjoy the experience to its utmost. As for practicality? Just throw that out the window! 😉

  • Swimming and Yoga

The two activities that I enjoyed most during my pregnancy were swimming and yoga.

Carrying the extra weight around all day is not at all easy and definitely something you need a break from. Swimming is a great way to relax: in the water you feel weightless.

Yoga can similarly be considered a way to relax. I used to be very active day in and out and, if you are a working woman, then some relaxation can really help you connect with your little one. Yoga customized for pregnant ladies is the best to completely relax. It also provides you a channel to meet other pregnant women, which is always nice and fun.

After my yoga class, I always used to say “I am totally ZEN!” 🙂

  •  Unconditional Love!

My partner has always been loving and supportive, but during my pregnancy it was different: he was more concerned wth my health, he wanted me to stay active, eat the best food and be happier than happy!

Besides your partner, your near and dear ones will be more careful, helpful and supportive. It’s an amazing feeling – you feel so loved!

  • Cravings and Not Guilty

Since well before my pregnancy, I have had a sweet tooth. At times I would even feel guilty about having so many sweet things. During my pregnancy, on the other hand, it was different. I no longer felt the need to find excuses; after all, everything can be blamed on the pregnancy!

Luckily, I didn’t have crazy cravings, such as waking up my husband in the middle of the night and asking for ice cream, or more such crazy things. But, if you do have them, it’s totally fine: make the most of your ”circumstances” and enjoy that extra attention.

What do/did you enjoy during pregnancy?

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